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  • "The Rita" Women's Olympic Barbell 15kg - Black Zinc
  • "The Rita" Women's Olympic Barbell 15kg - Black Zinc
  • "The Rita" Women's Olympic Barbell 15kg - Black Zinc
  • "The Rita" Women's Olympic Barbell 15kg - Black Zinc
  • "The Rita" Women's Olympic Barbell 15kg - Black Zinc
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Women's Olympic Barbell 15kg - Black Zinc

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Our Women's Olympic 15kg Barbell is a versatile ladies barbell built for Olympic weightlifting, powerlifting, high intensity high rep training, and much more. The Rita bar maintains a good whip while the combo bearing and bushing sleeve assembly gives the bar a smooth consistent spin. Built with 2x the internal bearings most bars have giving it a superior weight capacity to most on the market today. We don't take short cuts in our manufacturing which is why we use Hard chrome coating. This is the most rust resistance and lowest maintenance of any coating available. This barbell is rated at 1000lbs, excellent bar for cross training exercises, overhead drops, and all the above. Tiffany Blue end caps are the perfect touch!


  • Black Zinc coating - rust-resistant coating
  • Standard knurl provides a full, not sharp pattern allowing the lifter to decide their ideal grip.
  • 220,000 PSI tensile strength gives the right amount of whip or flex to the bar for Olympic lifts.
  • Dual knurl marks allows use for multiple lifts on and off your Rack.

- Bar weight: 15KG/ 34lb
- Bar Diameter: 25MM
- Bar Length: 2010mm (79 - 7/16")
- Bar Use: Multipurpose
No Center Knurl
- Black Zinc Coated Shaft
- Hard Chrome coating - rust-resistant coating
- Dual Knurl Marks: Both Powerlift and Olympic Knurling
- Loadable sleeve length: 12.5"
- Bushing/Bearing: Combination, 2 Bushings+8 Needle Bearings
- Tensile Strength: 220,000 PSI
- Max Load: 1000lbs
Warranty: 10 year

No Hassle Shipping Cartons

To prevent unnecessary damage during shipping, all barbells are packaged in a thick cardboard tubing and include a anti-corrosion liner protects the barbell inside the carton. The barbell carton is secured with plastic end caps that are fastened with metal screws, that is tough enough to survive shipping. Lastly, 90 gauge shrink wrap is applied on the exterior of the carton twice to ensure it can handle any weather conditions while in transit.

Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Kensley Poret
Home Gym Must Have!

I was extremely excited to get in the Rita Women's barbell and it definitely did not disappoint. I was wanting a bar that could easily fit in my home gym and was made for ladies and this bar checked all the boxes! I also have the booty bands and the jump rope both of which are great quality and helped step up my workout equipment options!

Jessica Rivers
Best Women's Barbell on the market

Great bar! Collar spin is smooth and just overall very nice looking bar, the tiffany blue sleeve end caps are PERFECT! Shipping was fast and arrived in good condition.

Christina Watson
Rita barbell

Reasonably priced for an awesome barbell. Quick to arrive and was packaged perfectly. I’ve been working out with it for a few weeks now with zero issues.