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  • Olympic Cerakote Barbell | 20kg | 1500lb Rated
  • Olympic Cerakote Barbell | 20kg | 1500lb Rated
  • Olympic Cerakote Barbell | 20kg | 1500lb Rated
  • Olympic Cerakote Barbell | 20kg | 1500lb Rated
  • Olympic Cerakote Barbell | 20kg | 1500lb Rated
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Olympic Cerakote Barbell | 20kg | 1500lb Rated

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Upgrade your weightlifting experience with our 1500lb rated Olympic Barbell comes with a Red Cerakote shaft, Black Cerakote Sleeves, and great spin on the bar.

Known for its durability, this powerful ceramic finish enhances the performance of your barbell by removing the threat of elements and rust. Corrosiom, scratch, and wear resistance.

Max Load: 1500lb
Bar Length: 86"
Bearings: 8 needle Bearings and 2 Bushings
Bar Weight: 20kg
Grip Diameter: 28mm (28.25mm on the Knurl)
Sleeve Length: 16.375"
Center knurl: No
Knurl: Passive non aggressive, Standard 
Sleeve Finishing: Black Cerakote
Shaft Finish: Red Cerakote
Tensile Strength: 210k PSI

Warranty: 15 Year

No Hassle Shipping Cartons

To prevent unnecessary damage during shipping, all barbells are packaged in a thick cardboard tubing and include a anti-corrosion liner protects the barbell inside the carton. The barbell carton is secured with plastic end caps that are fastened with metal screws, that is tough enough to survive shipping. Lastly, 90 gauge shrink wrap is applied on the exterior of the carton twice to ensure it can handle any weather conditions while in transit.

Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
Ryan B
My prized barbell

I had an old beater bar and a TruGrit barbell that I used to get by with my lifts. Deadlifts, cleans, presses and rows, I didn’t give too much thought to having a higher quality bar.

After seeing the cerakote bar available for such a reasonable price I took the plunge and have not looked back. Selfishly I find myself using it for deadlifts and other exercises where the bar isn’t racked…it’s the reason I bought a barbell brush. This bar is beautiful and you’ll have no choice but to want to keep it clean and use it for years.

Joseph South
Amazing bar

Amazing bar, coating was perfect Great balance of flex and rigidity. Don’t waste your money on big-name BS This is the last bar you’ll ever need