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Olympic Barbell | 20kg | 700lb Rated

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One of the strongest 700lb Olympic bars on the market today with 190,000 tensile strength. 

This 700lb barbell is constructed with needle bearings and brass bushings (Hybrid), has sealed ends for added strength, which provides smooth, consistent, and equipped with a quieter spin.

This bar is not intended for overhead drops as done in the Cross training world, we have a 1500lb cerakote barbell for that.

Bar Length: 86"
Bar Weight: 20kg (44lbs)
Grip Diameter: 28mm
Sleeve Length: 16.25"
Sleeve Finishing: Normal Chromed
Tensile Strength: 190k
Sleeve Diameter: 50mm ~ 2"
Knurl pattern is medium aggressive
Construction: Bushing + Needle Bearings
Max Load: 700lbs
No Center knurl


No Hassle Shipping Cartons

To prevent unnecessary damage during shipping, all barbells are packaged in a thick cardboard tubing and include a anti-corrosion liner protects the barbell inside the carton. The barbell carton is secured with plastic end caps that are fastened with metal screws, that is tough enough to survive shipping. Lastly, 90 gauge shrink wrap is applied on the exterior of the carton twice to ensure it can handle any weather conditions while in transit.