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  • Landmine Attachment
  • Landmine Attachment
  • Landmine Attachment
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Rejuv Fit

Landmine Attachment | 3x3" | 1" Pin

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The RF landmine attachment is perfect to pair with your barbell and add various shoulder and core exercises to your training. Built with 11-gauage steel, this landmine is compatible with 1" holes upright only, standard 2" barbell. 

What is a landmine attachment?

A landmine makes foundational exercises like squats, rows, and lunges more joint friendly due to the natural bar path that a landmine provides.

During many traditional barbell exercises, you may find your spine heavily loaded and posture or positioning compromised. When using a landmine, we’re able to remove that load on the spine, and most importantly, establish more natural movement patterns.

When using a landmine, you’re able to move in an arc motion to apply force freely either vertically, horizontally or some combination of the two - making rotational movements a breeze.

The landmine attachment is one of the most unique rack attachment's in the sense that you can hit a wide variety of exercises - shoulders, back, abs, obliques, glutes, hamstrings, quads - you name it!

Fits Olympic Barbells (2")
Pin Diameter: 0.950"
Sleeve length: 11.5"
Built with 11-gauge steel
Product weight: 8.5lbs

Compatible with:

  • 1" holes
  • 3x3" uprights
  • 2x3" uprights

Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
Zach Sprouse

Had a few questions regarding best method of install and customer support was extremely responsive. Quality build, seems much more durable than my previous landmine.

Keith Bishop
Versatile is an understatement

Nicely done. Easy to mount on your rack vertically or horizontally. Operates smoothly for all landmine activities. Its a great asset to anyone's home gym.