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Rejuv Fit

Olympic 47" EZ Curl Bar | 450lb Rated

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The Rejuv Fit EZ Curl Bar is an essential piece for building strength, size, and definition to your arms. Great for isolating/toning biceps, triceps, deltoids, abs, and chest muscles. Angles on the bar allow you to alternate your grip to hit all your muscles in different spots. This barbell is intended for use with 2-inch Olympic weights and has a weight rating of 450lbs. Featuring bronze bushings and needle bearings this curl bar provides a smooth bar rotation. 

Bar Length: 47.25"
Bar Weight: 10kgs ~ 22lbs
Knurled hand grips: 7.5 Inches
Knurl: Medium
Grip Diameter: 28mm
Max Load: 450lbs
Sleeve Length: 7"
Material: A3 Steel
Sleeve Diameter: 50mm ~ 2"
2 Bronze Bushings and 2 needle bearings 
Warranty: 10 Years

Customer Reviews

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Ryan B
EZ bar upgrade

I had bought a lighter weight, lightly knurled curl bar some years ago. Was available at a good price and I didn’t think about it again for some time, couldn’t justify the sale price and shipping for a more commercial grade bar.

RejuvFit equipment has been incredible, allowing me to upgrade my gym piece by piece, including this EZ bar. Great weight, knurling, this bar pops. Outfit it with locking collars instead of spring collars…your bars deserve the best.

Best EZ Bar, love it!

One of the best purchases of my life. Works exactly as advertised. Love the feel of the grip, the angles of the bar put my hands the perfect curling position

So Impressed!!!

I was looking for a bar that wasn't too intimidating but would up my game from just using dumbbells. This totally did the trick!! So happy with the quality and arms already look more toned after just 2 weeks! My boyfriend likes using it on biceps day so very versatile for all parties.