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  • 1 inch band pegs pack of 4, white background
  • 1 inch band pegs pack of 4
  • 1 inch band pegs pack of 4, pic 2
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Rejuv Fit

Heavy Duty 1 inch Band Pegs

Regular price $49.00
Regular price $56.99 Sale price $49.00

Attach bands to the pegs for added resistance during your lifts. Boost your workout and combine them with compound lifts, such as squats and deadlifts, to create a variable load, or use them with our resistance bands for warm-ups.

Pack of 4 bright zinc band pegs. These are made to fit in any 1" holes on your rack.

Peg Diameter: 0.986"
Color: Bright Zinc
Useable Length: 10"
Overall Length: 10.875"
Handle width: 2.75"
Product weight (Pack of 4): 10.91lbs