High Speed Ball Bearing Jump Rope

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The Rejuv Fit High Speed Jump Rope has a Smooth rotation with bearings rotation power and gives you an extreme flexibility of movement. Fully adjustable with your ability to lock in your desired length regardless of your height. Made from aluminum with light knurling for increased grip. 

The Best Cardio Workout - If you want a serious cardio workout, look no further, the adjustable speed rope is absolutely the way to go -Whether you are a beginner or advanced, you'll enjoy the benefits of this skip rope

Bearing: 360 degree spin ball bearing system
Handle Length: 15cm = 5.90"
Knurl length on Handle: 7.5cm = 2.95"
Bearing Length: 1.25"
Overall Handle Length w/ Bearings: 7"
Rope Diameter: 2.5mm = 3/32"
Rope Length: 3m
Product weight: 145g


What is included in the package: 360°Swivel Ball Bearing Jump Rope and a carrying bag